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Energy Medicine of the Peruvian Andes

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Munay-Ki Rites


 Receiving the Rites does not automatically make you a shaman!
Additional training is required.

Munay -Ki
The Nine Rites of Shamanic Initiation
"I Love You as You Are"

As we heal ourselves, we heal the world.
I hope you are able to join me and be a part
of turning the world "right side up".


Check out the Munay- Ki section on my website for information on each individual rite or contact me at 484-614-8894, my email is

 I am currently on sabbatical!

Please check back in the Spring 2020

Phone consultations are available. by appointment

for sessions and spiritual counseling



Nine Initiation Rites of the Munay-Ki

Energy Medicine of the Peruvian Andes

 Humanity is going through a great transition of
consciousness.  Become a steward for our planet
and all life on it while healing ourselves.

Step up and do your part in turning the world right side up!

When:   Spring 2020

 Scheduled on the third Sunday of the month.

Where: Healing Spirit Cafe
St. Peters Village

Elverson, PA
To guarantee a space, call for appointment or message through Facebook
Healing Spirit Cafe  484-986-2000

Due to interest, appointments are becoming necessary
broken heart

Rites are given individually, on the half hour.

About: You can receive up to two rites per visit.
If you are not able to attend each month, you
may come the following month.

You will know when you are called to the Rites!
Fee: $25 per Rite

(Includes a spiritual counseling session!)


 Whispers of the Willow Tree
Empowerment Offerings 
These are offered at Healing Spirt Cafe monthly.
Date: Spring 2020

Call for your appointment, if guided.

Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring is for individuals on a spiritual path.

Are you unsure and unclear about what step to take next?

Are you confused about the way events are playing out in your life?

Do you feel out of control and at the whim of others?

These sessions will support you in reaching your fullest potential. You will learn new skills, learning to trust your inner wisdom for guidance.

Working in sacred space, you will recognize when Spirit is holding you accountable to take responsibility as you engage with yourself and the world around you.

This mentorship is self-paced and includes followup assignments.

Bring a journal to specifically use for this program.



Learning the Art of Zen Crocheting helps you quiet your mind and attain inner peace. As you focus your attention in the present moment, you will travel deep into your subconscious mind, without effort, and will result in inner transformation.

Crocheting is also a way to express yourself through patterns and colors.

Supplies to bring: size J crochet hook and a skein of weight 4 yarn.

Patterns will be provided or bring your own.

This session is for beginners as well as seasoned crocheters.




   Connect to your inner wisdom and the world of your heart, mind and spirit through
Intuitive Art. This session is for those who believe they are not able to draw. 

Art is about creating, using our inner awareness. It is a heart centered process that does not rely on the analysis of the mind.

Art is a commitment to soul work and to making what is unconscious, conscious. The process of art is to develop a connection with your inner wisdom and your inner healer.

Sitting in the protection of sacred space, you will go outside of what is comfortable. 

You will find a place of joy, brilliance, freedom and power.

This session is for beginners as well as seasoned artists who would like  to try a new perspective in their expression.

Supplies are included : colored pencils, paper and erasers.

You are encouraged to bring pictures of images or sketches that you are guided to.



Shamanic Oracle Card Readings: There is profound knowledge and divine truth in each of us. Oracle cards are designed to enhance your own intuition and thinking abilities. The images on oracle cards inspire the internal journey that you must take to create your desires in the external world. 

Come to the session with a situation in mind or see what presents itself as you sit and ask what  you need to know for the highest good.

I use the Mystical Shaman Oracle cards by Alberto Villoldo, PhD. He is the founder of The Four Winds shamanic school that I attended, so the cards are in line with what I have learned and practice.



A Three Card Story session is healing at the level of the soul. We hold the answers to our questions deep within ourselves. Sometimes the answers can be threatening to our life as it is, so we are not consciously able to access the information

 Using the images of Carl Jung’s archetypes in the Rider Waite tarot deck , we are able to access information that is holding us back from stepping fully into our life and power.  Archetypes are are a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern, thought or image that is universally present in our individual subconscious mind. Caregiver, the Rebel, the Orphan, the Explorer and the Ruler are examples of archetypes.

In addition to the images, you will be given verbal prompts to help guide you on your journey,

It is an opportunity to rewrite your story.

Bring a journal  to record your thoughts.



A Shamanic Journey is the inner art of traveling to invisible worlds to retrieve information for the purpose of making changes in our lives.

You will take a guided journey to the lower world, your subconscious, and open a door. You will be prompted to “see” what needs to be brought into ayni or right relationship. Afterwards, you will write a new story, using the archetypal energy of the tarot.

 Archetypes, according to Carl Jung psychology, are the collective consciousness. It is part of the collective consciousness that comes from ancestral memory and experience and is common to all humankind. 

These are the universal patterns of thoughts, images and behaviors that are common to all individuals.

Bring a journal. You will be doing floor work so bring what you need to be comfortable.



An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying is for those who would like to work at a deeper level of personal healing but are frustrated because they are not able to “see”

Have you tried journeying but never see anything?

Do you hear others talk about their journeying experiences and  and felt left out while others describe their experiences?

Are you interested in working at a deeper level of personal healing?

During this session. we will discuss your thoughts and feelings about journeying.

You will share why journeying may be important to our personal and spiritual growth.

We will explore the qualities of a person who is able to “see”.

You will write a new story based on what you would like to be.

No journeying is involved.

Bring a journal!


Energy exchange 

All sessions are individual and one hour in length for $65.

 If you would just like to connect and chat, 30 minute meetings are available for $35



Autumn Goddess Retreat Festival

When: Saturday, September 28th, 2019
Time: 10am to 6pm

Where: Freedom Foundations in Valley Forge, PA
Proceeds benefit the Domestic Violence Center
in Chester County 

I will be offering the Munay Ki Rites of Initiation
Energy medicine of the Peruvian Andes
Prints of my artwork will also be available for purchase

Time slots are half hour. Receive one Rite and 
a shamanic oracle card reading! You may receive up to two Rites that day.
Contact me to reserve your spot or sign up when you arrive.
Be a part of turning the world right side up!

















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